Let’s be Fearless

In my yoga class this morning, my best friend who just so happened to be the instructor, reminded the class to be fearless and to take risks because the worst thing that could happen is that you fail or fall and then start over. The comfort and validity in her voice worked. Every student in that class worked harder. You could feel the motivation dripping out of us. We all reached some new level of success during that class this morning, on own terms.

I needed this reminder. Badly. Fiercely. Desperately. I needed the reminder that being fearless is encouraged and warranted. And not just during yoga class this morning, I needed it for this year. So, thanks to my best friend and one very sweaty yoga class later, I’m setting the intention of being fearless this year.

And I think you should too.

As a woman, as a college student, as a human, it can be easy to play it safe in this scary world of ours. Because safe is easy, safe is encouraged, safe is what everyone else is doing.

As a senior finishing undergrad, there is a lot of talk about what’s next. What’s next after graduation, what’s next after the last class ends, what’s next for us. There’s this assumption in our society that what you do next will determine our success, our career, and our happiness. 

It’s like there is a formula that everyone is supposed to follow in order to find success and whatever we do immediately after being handed our diploma will dictate whether we are on track or not.

There’s an unruly amount of pressure on the decision we make next as if it will set the precedent for the rest of our lives, which (if you ask me) seems a little irrational. 

There is no need to pretend that we have it all figured out, to pretend that we are perfect, to pretend that we know exactly what we want or pretend that we know exactly who we are. Because we’re constantly changing. Our passions will change, our hopes will change, our careers will change and that is okay.

Little do we find people encouraging us to make our own path, to be spontaneous, to take risks, to embrace change, to be fearless in the pursuit of finding what makes us happy, to fail and try again as we continue on a journey of finding out who we really are outside a classroom.

Because the truth is, we don’t really know what we want yet. We haven’t had the chance or time to figure it out. A 9 to 5 job in a cubicle could be what we want. Working for a non-profit in the rural south could be what we want. Traveling the world working freelance jobs could be what we want. Being a yoga instructor, a nurse or a teacher could be what we want. This is our time to figure it out, to try everything out. To try, to fail and to start all over.

And right now, this is our time to figure it out, to try everything out. To find what we like, what we don’t like. To try, to fail and to start all over.

And that is scary. The threat of failure can be scary but let’s make a promise to be fearless and not push away failure but instead embrace it. 

When I think about the person who I desire to be someday, she isn’t safe. She is fearless. She is spontaneous and driven. She is passionate about her work. She embodies authenticity and self-worth. She values kindness. She embraces creativity and desires positivity. She travels. She seeks out discomfort and worships at an opportunity of growth.

That woman will not come from doing anything safe. In order to become her, I need to be fearless, to be willing to try and willing to fail.

As I venture into the unknown that exists once I graduate this May, I’ll need to take this intention of being fearless with me. Because it takes being fearless to fail, it takes being fearless to deter away from social norms, it takes being fearless to try something new, it takes being fearless to seek out discomfort and to embrace change. 

It’d be easy to make the safe decision. To follow the masses, to succumb to the societal pressure, to do what they say and to stay inside a bubble that exudes comfortability. But that wouldn’t be fearless, would it? That would be safe.

I want to embrace failure in this next season of life, to embrace spontaneity and risk-taking, to celebrate mistakes and to cling to imperfections. Because those little, big and (maybe) massive mistakes that I stumble upon will act as the catalyst for my growth into the women that I desire to be.

As I think about what’s next, I want to set some intentions. Intentions for keeping myself accountable to being fearless throughout this next season of life:

  • If something scares you, say yes.
  • Seek out opportunities beyond your comfort zone.
  • Be creative in finding a job that suits you and your passions. Anyone, including you, can be an innovator in designing your own path.
  • It’s okay to not like something.
  • Jump with both feet.
  • Don’t follow others.
  • Embrace change with open arms.
  • Make your soul glow.
  • Act as if no one is watching, their opinions of your life will never control you.
  • Don’t you dare settle.
  • Try everything.
  • Be fearless.

That’s all for now,



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