The 2018 Vision

As we praise 2017 for Khalid’s precious voice making us feel reminiscent of our high school prom date during our morning drives, for portrait mode for making everyone feel like the beautiful model they are and for oat milk because I’m currently drinking an oat milk hot chocolate and all feels right in the world. 

It’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye to 2017.

Now, it’s time to talk about resolutions, we all make them. We all commit to them for three weeks and then come March we realize we forgot what they even were in the first place. Right? Right.

So, this year I’m doing things a little different. I’m making a 2018 vision backed with intentions. These aren’t goals like lose 15 pounds, eat completely organic or workout 4x/week because there’s a pretty big (100%) chance that I won’t do those things. And I don’t really want to feel bad about myself if I don’t do them.

Instead, I’m making a vision for my year. A vision that can be altered or changed as life happens. A vision backed with intentions to guide me and direct me into the next 365 days and I’m posting it on the internet so I don’t 1. Forget where it is 2. Hold myself accountable. 

My 2018 Vision

My vision board,

2018 Vision Board (1)

My 2018 words,

Respect (respect for myself, commanding respect from others, respecting my body, respecting my time and others time)

Positivity (surrounding myself with positive people, seeking out the positive in every situation)

Creativity (finding creative outlets, seeking out creative projects or hobbies, writing more, taking more pictures, making more videos)

My 2018 intentions, 

  • Mental Health ≥ Physical Health
  • Prioritize and plan quality one-on-one time with people you’re closest with, there’s only a semester left of college and we all know that time goes by way too fast (dinner parties, weekend trips, dates!)
  • You are beautiful. Tell yourself that every day until you believe it.
  • Say goodbye to people who aren’t your champions, who don’t empower you, who don’t celebrate you for who you are, who don’t want quality time with you, who aren’t throwing positivity out into the world.
  • Learn to do a handstand.
  • Give big (or little) decisions 24-hours before you say yes (or maybe even say no for once?)
  • Drink more water and eat less dairy (your stomach will thank you)
  • Learn to have/love mornings rituals (early morning workouts, coffee dates with a good book, long walks in the neighborhood, journal writing)
  • Climb more mountains.
  • Write consistently on the blog.
  • Graduate college.
  • Read more books written by women of color (continue to learn from people who have different perspectives and identities than you)
  • Don’t apologize for being yourself. Do apologize for unintentionally hurting someone. Your soul, your spirit, your sparkle are not meant to be tamed.
  • Love hard and embrace your sensitivity, that’s who you are and that’s okay.
  • Say no to stuff and yes to experiences.
  • You don’t need to find your dream job at 21 years-old or even 23 years-old.
  • Remember that your success will look different than your friends or your peer’s success. Envy isn’t cute or flattering. 
  • Let yourself be young because you (in fact) are young, sometimes mistakes are just lessons with a little (a lot) bit of embarrassment attached. 
  • Think outside the box when seeking employment and apply to things you don’t think you’re qualified for.
  • Treat everyone (baristas, grocery store clerks, classmates) with nothing but absolute kindness. We all have the power to make someone’s day.
  • Keep your expectations low and your dreams infinite.


That’s all for now beautiful friends,




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