It’s Time to Slow Down

In search of some creative agency and a chance to finally slow down, I ran away to New York City this weekend. Which may seem ironic to go to THE city of all cities to find slowness but nonetheless, I found it and I held on to it with every fiber of my being.



Admits wandering the city with absolutely no reservations, incredibly long meals and being tucked away in my friend’s apartment while it poured down rain, I was present. My mental state was craving to just slow down. To be in an environment where everyone was at peace with doing nothing. No to-do lists, no alarms, no pressure, no rants about what needed to get done. Just people invested in who and what was in front of them. 


It’s sooooooo easy to get caught up in the busyness of it all, I mean how is it already March this week? Someone, please tell me what happened in February? I feel as if I was robbed of it.

Our culture feeds off being busy. We have romanticized the idea of running out of minutes in a day. We’ve glamorized the #nosleep life. And somewhere along the way we’ve convinced ourselves that the more you have on your calendar, the more accomplished you are.

And I am here to call bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

I want to bring back the art of slowing down. Make it a trend. Put it on Pinterest. Print it on t-shirts. Turn it into a hashtag.



As a 20-something of the western world and as a college student, I have become inundated with the narrative that we are supposed to be on our “grind” right now. That being consumed with something at all hours is normal if not expected. That to work as many hours as humanly possible means we’ll reach “success” faster.

But I firmly believe that that’s a major fault or oversight of my generation and of my peers. We’ve been consumed with this idea that being busy is right. And being slow and having a relaxed schedule is lazy.

But we’ve forgotten that it’s in those moments where you have nothing planned and simply invested with what is right in front of you that life’s most remarkable moments happen. That happiness is found.

It’s not romantic to respond ‘busy’ when people want to spend time with you. And it surely is not romantic to consume yourself with school/work/internship/stuff that you forget to take care of your own mental wellbeing.

No homework assignment, no internship, no extracurricular activity is worth sacrificing your mental health let alone your ability to be present.

We’ve become obsessed with going and going and going that we forgot how to just be still.

We look at time as an opportunity to squeeze in as much as possible yet forget to evaluate the quality of how we spend our time.

And even if we are “out here grinding” (as the kids say these days), it is up to us to be intentional about seeking out those moments of stillness, of being present.

I need to remember to give myself permission to say no to extracurriculars, to extra meetings, to extra responsibilities. And instead, say yes to the things and people who make me excited about life. 

My goal for myself is to intentionally seek out the,

  • Three hour long dinners over life talks and red wine
  • Drinking my morning coffee out of an actual mug on my porch instead out of a to-go cup
  • Meditating
  • A full nights sleep
  • Long day-hikes with my best friends
  • Weekend adventures and long car rides
  • Sunset and sunrise viewing parties
  • Night walks to digest the day

I want to find the small moments of joy and just be. And maybe even shed a to-do list or two. It’ll all get done in time. This life is so short and is never a guarantee, it’d be a disservice to be too busy to enjoy it.

Don’t let busy win. Let’s make slowing down go viral.


That’s all for now,





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