Who is B?

Welcome to the Simply B blog. You might be wondering, who is B? Well B is me.


I like to call this (my blog) a place dedicated to encouraging myself and the other 20-somethings (or younger and older somethings) out there to find themselves in this world – simply yourself, unapologetically – regardless of the million social norms telling us that life is a formula and success only comes from following the status quo. It’s also a place of travel advice, lifestyle motivation (can a 21-year-old even give life advice? Well, we’ll find out soon) and maybe even a story from my travels every once and awhile.


Who am I? I’m 21-years-old, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, avid adventurer, amateur blogger, wannabe runner, half marathon finisher, aspiring storyteller, travel obsessed, public relations major, international studies minor, social justice driven, politics aficionado, seasoned activist, Pacific Northwest lover, hopeful human, not so strict vegetarian, optimist, American University student, part-time resident of Washington, DC., part-time resident of a floating home in Oregon and Thai food enthusiast.


So now that you know who I am, I encourage you all to enjoy, read and live life as simply yourself because your beautiful soul is enough to take you to where you want to be and we all need a reminder of that once and a while.


And don’t be shy, email me, DM me, I wanna put a face to all my readers out there.